Who We Are

Inspire Tec Alliance

ITA is a group of community leaders, professional educators, motivators, and leadership developers brought together in a non-profit organization with a focus to facilitate positive behavior change and thus life success.

ITA raises donations from individuals, foundations, corporations, local business, and institutions to support our efforts.

Our Mission

ITA exists to reach at-risk students and adults in order to inspire behavior change that leads to life success. We are achieving this by leveraging both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation of students/participants to encourage a deeper engagement in the habits that form positive behaviors.

The Power of Motivation

Motivation can be described as the sense of being “moved to do something”… …and is also about the “choice” of an action and the “effort” expended on it.

Ryan & Deci, 2000b, p. 54
Dornyei, 2001, p. 7

By understanding the factors that impact intrinsic motivation, school administrators, teachers, and parents can promote intrinsic motivation, and consequently better learning outcomes and well-being.


Why We are Different

ITA differs from other projects in the following ways

  1. Motivating through BOTH intrinsic and extrinsic motivation
  2. Offering real time tangible rewards for students, parents, and teachers
  3. Leveraging the shared economy. Collaboration of schools/districts, local businesses, and other non-profit organizations toward common goals
  4. Working with the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) and Self Determination Theory (SDT) systems within the education community

Target Populations

Our targeted population is Middle and High School students, parents, guardians, and teachers within the United States. This population is being reached through the advanSR app. This app has been developed by others to encourage, measure, and inspire students and families in three factors that research has shown to be predictors of school success. Those factors are

  1. School attendance/participation
  2. Extracurricular activities
  3. Parent/guardian involvement

We provide the students, parents/guardians, and teachers with motivational incentives in these three factors of success.

As ITA grows, our target population will expand to include; youth and adults with health struggles, teens aging out of the foster care system, delinquent youth recidivism, and low income adults needing help with household tasks and chores.

The needs ITA was created to address

  • Less than successful scholastic endeavors
  • Lower than optimal graduation rates
  • Lack of life preparedness
  • High rate of youth recidivism
  • Unhealthy lifestyles
  • Unprepared foster youth aging out of the system
  • Unsupported elderly

(See the Knowledge Base for supporting documents for each one of these needs)

Board Of Directors

Mike McNeff, Executive Director

Mike has served 30 years as CEO for a faith-based nonprofit. He has a doctorate in organizational leadership and has published a paper in Sage Journal (Job Satisfaction and the Priority of Valuing People, Sage Open, Jan. – Mar. 2017, 1-8). Mike has served on numerous boards for national and international nonprofit organizations.

Lisa Lozosky

Lisa has 30 years of experience in public education as a classroom teacher and a teacher of music education.

Jona Greer

Jona has over 30 years’ experience in public education as a school principal

Guy Romero

Guy Romero served as the Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services for the Murrieta Valley Unified School District from 1981 to 2015. Guy was selected as the Riverside County Administrator of the year in 2009, has taught as an adjunct instructor at the college and university level and is a licensed Franklin Covey Leadership Facilitator.

Patricia Tobey

Patricia is a registered nurse and has served in a local non-profit that addresses homelessness.

Key Relationships

Arthur Fayne, 4Kids Foundation and Business Development Concepts

4K’s mission is to assist individuals, families and communities by providing customized programs that holistically enhance the mind, body, and spirit

Cecilia Arias, Community Benefit Manager, Kaiser Permanente

Representing an organization that provides grants for organizations focused on improving the healthy lifestyles of the local community

Coby James, CEO, PBS Benefits

Texas-based sales organization focused on the school district market

Dream Alive Investment

Providing grants and other support to organizations and individuals to underserved youth in urban areas, particularly through sports and leadership development

John Watson, Ph.D.

Data Scientist Innovation, San Diego County Office of Education

Mike Fine, CEO

California’s Fiscal Crisis and Management Assistance Team (FCMAT)

Assisting California schools with their financial management to avoid crises

Paul Schmid, Branding/Marketing, Health Industry

Provides guidance and expertise to ITA with respect to our national branding

Riverside Education Enrichment Foundation

A nonprofit foundation focused on providing assistance to teachers and students in the Riverside Unified School District (California)

Gayle Hoxter, MPH, RD

Program Chief for County of Riverside Department of Public Health, Nutrition & Health Promotion Branch.

Riverside County Nutrition & Health Promotion is a $20 million agency serving over 100,000 residents each month in the fourth largest geographic county in the United States. She oversees WIC, Network for Healthy California, Childcare Nutrition, Loving Support, Tobacco Control and Asthma education. Gayle also operates her consulting firm called HeartKeepers, helping people achieve better heart health.

Simplicity Solutions Group

A Florida-based software developed firm that is developing applications that are aligned with the Mission of Inspire Tec Alliance

Touch This Media

A California-based software developed firm that is developing applications that are aligned with the Mission of Inspire Tec Alliance

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